Pierre Arditi, a bad father? His very harsh words: “I am one of the murderers of my own son”

At 78, Pierre Arditi is still in the form of his youth and a passion for cinema. He also started the year the way he started it: on the big screen. If he lent his features to one of Edouard Baer’s characters in January, this month it is for Bruno Chiche and his drama Master(s) that he made his talent available. In the feature film, he gives the answer to Yvan Attal, his son in fiction, with whom a kind of competition is set up in the professional field. Guest of Sonia Mabrouk on Europe 1 this Monday, December 19, Pierre Arditi returned to the film and of course to the role of father in general, and his in particular.

Before marrying Evelyne Bouix, Pierre Arditi was married to actress Florence Giorgetti, who died in 2019. Together they had a son, Frédéric, now 53 years old. In evoking his role in Bruno Chiche’s film, Pierre Arditi did not escape the parallel with his own fatherhood. And if he had the opportunity, the actor would definitely not make the same mistakes. At least that’s what he implied on the radio microphone.

There are no good parents, it doesn’t exist. I can speak with knowledge. I myself am one of my own son’s murderershe launched. It is quite violent as an expression, but when it [Frédéric] came into the world, his mother and I, my first wife, we were making ourselves actors. So he didn’t get what a child expects from his father and his mother. He did a bit like Proust. From time to time he had to be alone in his bed and cry because his mother did not come to kiss him on the forehead.

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