Pierre Arditi opens up about his paternity on Europa 1

The actor was invited this Monday, December 19, to talk about his latest film, but also to discuss his complicated relationship with his son.

Guest at the microphone of the journalist Sonia Mabrouk, the actor Pierre Arditi came to promote his latest film Master(s), currently in theaters. This feature film deals with the rivalry that can exist between a father and his son. The actor plays the role of François, a world-famous conductor who finds himself in a duel with… his son, played by Yvan Attal. Then there is the possibility that he can draw a parallel to his own paternity which has not always been easy. Indeed, he may have experienced obstacles in his role as father to Frédéric, his only child born from his first union with the actress Florence Giorgetti.

“There are no good parents, they don’t exist. I can speak with knowledge. I myself am one of assassins of my own son”, says the 77-year-old actor. Clearly, this is a metaphor to reflect his absence as a father. “It’s quite violent as an expression, but when he came into the world, his mother and I, my first wife, were in the process of establishing ourselves as actors. So he didn’t get what a child expects from his father and his mother. He did a bit like Proust. From time to time he had to be alone in his bed and cry because his mother did not come to kiss him on the forehead.book Pierre Arditi.

Water has run under the bridge since this complicated period for young Frédéric, who is now a capable 53-year-old man. The relationship of the father-son duo seems to have calmed down with time, although it has not been easy. “We paid dearly for it”the father explains before adding: “When we wanted to talk to my son, we had to call him because he no longer called. He said Me, no problem, I’m glad to see you, but I’m not calling.Now it’s over, everything’s gone”reassures the actor.


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