Pizza, big bucks and testosterone… The most watched videos on YouTube in 2022

What to remember from the 10 most viewed videos this year on YouTube made in France? Clues: Squeezie, Mister V, Inoxtag… and Michou.

What did we see on French YouTube in 2022? If we trust the data provided by the platform itself, we can answer: men. Despite the fairly even distribution of the audience, these gentlemen actually won the top ten positions for the most watched videos (excluding music) this year in France. YouTube has tried to include female videographers by splitting its “Rising Stars” ranking into two single-gender lists, but a glass ceiling remains. With 5 million subscribers, Natoo is the most important French YouTuber… far behind the male number one: Squeezie and her impressive community of 17 million fans.

Another lesson: you might think that trends change on the networks, but half of the creators in the top 10 were already there the year before. Squeezie has been there since 2016, with Mister V not being down since 2013 (except in 2019). Even more astonishing, for ten years when YouTube publishes its French classification, a video of Cyprien systematically slides down there.

Not surprisingly, this year it is Squeezie who rises to the top of the podium with his video “Who is the impostor? “, which has 15 million views. In this game, where the goal is not to show that you know one of the people invited to the set, actor Jonathan Cohen and star YouTuber Mister V reveal their talents at bluffing. An entertaining video that represents what is generally found in this top 10.

In second place, Inoxtag, a 20-year-old videographer and streamer accused of sexist remarks during Z Event 2021, climbed the podium with his video “7 days to survive alone on a desert island! (14 million views). A long format, that may come as a surprise when most of the best videos are more than thirty minutes long. Here the youtuber in 1h30 realizes a kind of personal Koh-Lanta. Great effects guaranteed.

In third place, the famous Mcfly and Carlito, who created a buzz in 2021 with their clip on barrier moves. This year, it’s a sketch in collaboration with Squeezie that puts them on the podium with 10 million views. The duo decided, in the five years of the channel’s existence, to return their most viewed video: an episode of “We call people at random”, featuring Squeezie. Reconstruction of the same study, nostalgia and laughter, the recipe is always effective.

In the rest of the ranking we then find a video facing the camera by Michou (8 million views), a delirium around pizza signed by Mister V (7.7 million views), an immersion in the heart of the seventh art by Cyprien ( 7, 4 million views), an interrogation led by Mastu, a humor contest designed by Amixem, a sequence in the car with Sébastien Loeb (5 million views), a game by Joyca…

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