Pizza Cozy: imminent opening in Bron

November 30th Pizza Cozy network opens the doors in Bron.


Homemade pizzas, with 100% fresh ingredients

The only Fast-Good pizzeria concept in France

To highlight its presence in the Rhône department, Pizza Cozy is opening a new franchise in Bron on 30 November.

that new franchisee know the brand perfectly.

Thibault actually first joined the network as a delivery man in the very first Pizza Cozy restaurant.

Attracted by the concept and aiming to be his own boss, he decided to open his own franchise.

Pizza Cozy, the only Fast-Good pizzeria concept in France

Launched in 2010 Pizza Cozy network unveils a new concept aimed at Fast Goodwhich has been very successful over the years.

To this end, the companies follow each other to currently reach around sixty franchises.

The franchise owes its success to the superior quality of the dough and the 100% fresh and 90% French ingredients, from short cuts.

Everything you need to know about Pizza Cozy’s Fast-Good

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