Pizza Cozy opens its first pizzeria in Var, in Toulon

From December 7 first Pizza Cozy franchise du Var welcomes pizza lovers in Toulon, near the Place de la Liberté. This French brand is revolutionizing the world of pizzerias with its innovative concept: its pizzas are prepared from 100% fresh ingredients, 90% of which come from local or French suppliers.


Homemade pizzas, with 100% fresh ingredients

The only Fast-Good pizzeria concept in France

Florian, seduced by Pizza Cozy’s local commitment

Coming from a family of pizza makers and passionate about quality products, Florian opened the first Pizza Cozy franchise in Toulon. On Wednesday 7 December from 6 p.m. it offers a special and solidarity operation : The first 300 pizzas cost €1 and sales donated to Secours Populaire.

IN cooperation with local producersFlorian offers Toulonnais the chance to taste an exclusive pizza recipe with fresh goat cheese with Provencal herbs.

Short cuts and fresh ingredients: the recipe for Pizza Cozy

For Pizza Cozy, a good artisanal pizza is recognized first by the taste of its dough. It is made every day in the brand’s restaurants with quality flour, homemade sourdough, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. It is filled with fresh and carefully selected ingredients, favors local and seasonal products. The cheeses are branded and the meat of French origin.

With over 60 franchise pizzerias Pizza Cozy is already established in France and is a brand that appeals to lovers of fresh, quality pizzas. Its local commitment and environmentally responsible approach undeniably gives it an attractive brand image and sets it apart from its competitors.

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Do you want to start your pizzeria franchise by becoming a member of a committed brand that favors local roots? Learn more about Pizza Cozy.

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