Pizza Maria in Mont-de-Marsan launches “friends’ pizza”

But what a pleasure it is to choose the ingredients for your pizza, and what a reward to see it on sale on the menu! It is the Pizza Maria concept in the Mont-de-Marsan site of Jean Jaurès that is being launched “buddies pizza” and as for the first pizza in this operation, his neighbors and friends from France chose Bleu Gascogne to launch the festivities. But why this friends pizza? It is a concept by the boss Elie Menard, who wants to reward his loyal customers, his regulars, by giving them the opportunity to choose the ingredients for a pizza that will be on the menu for a few days. A kind of beautiful tribute to those who regularly meet at the pizzeria.
Neither one nor two, we played the game with great pleasure and with the help of pizza maker Jean-Christophe Rullier.

“Friends’ pizza” France Bleu Gascogne in preparation at Pizza Maria place Jean Jaurès in Mont-de-Marsan. © Radio France

As you can imagine, France Bleu Gascogne has chosen ingredients from local producers. An artisan pizza with a fresh cream base, with good chicken from Sandrine Doucet in Bostens, spinach from Raoul Nassiet in Hagetmau, tome des Pyrénées from Crèmerie de Fabien in Mont-de-Marsan, Espelette pepper from the delicatessen Aux Toqués du Bocal. Add roasted pine nuts and good, strong red onions and voila, the pizza is a success, simple, tasty, effective! It will be on sale at a price of 14 euros and we are very proud of it.

"friends pizza" France Bleu Gascogne by Pizza Maria in Mont-de-Marsan place Jean Jaurès.
“Friends’ pizza” France Bleu Gascogne by Pizza Maria in Mont-de-Marsan place Jean Jaurès. © Radio France

At Pizza Maria we take your holiday vouchers, your restaurant tickets of course, we deliver to you in the evening and we also accept your special orders for all your events and for example also for your New Year’s Eve with 60 com pizza plates X 40 cm. Also note that you can order on the pizzeria’s website.

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From now on, Pizza Maria is open on Mondays and of course offers you its pizzas, but also pasta and salads in addition to the daily specialties from Nathan, the apprentice pizza chef.
France Bleu Gascogne invites you to treat yourself and have a drink with your friends!

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