Pizza Salvatoré makes its debut

While family business Pizza Salvatoré wasn’t set to open the doors to its new branch, located in Rimouski, until 2023, the restaurant at 391 2nd Street East has been in business since Tuesday.

Although the restaurant was very busy this morning, the head trainer of Pizza Salvatoré, Isabelle Ladouceur, still took the time to give the magazine an interview.

Isabelle Ladouceur is currently in charge of the restaurant and leads employee training.

“I’m not a manager here, because now we have two managers. We come here to train them and the staff. We have two teams of trainers, each of whom spends three weeks training employees. After that, the managers will be responsible for the restaurant, and they can eventually become franchisees of Pizza Salvatoré,” explains Mrs. Ladouceur, who is opening a restaurant for the company for the 26th time.

(Photo:, Véronique Bossé)

An early opening

She explains that if the opening of the branch has been brought forward, it is because of the construction delays that other branches are experiencing.

“The opening was brought forward because there were other restaurants that were due to open and whose openings were delayed. There were construction delays so they opened sooner here. »

(Photo: – Olivier Therriault)

What a turnover at the restaurant

She adds that despite the lack of manpower, the company managed to find enough employees for the opening.

“It goes really well. We kind of expected that, it’s from morning to night. We are open until 03:00 Wednesday to Saturday, and yesterday they were busy until closing time. It is certain that the teachers are working hard considering the lack of staff, but we are still good. We were lucky to have enough employees for the opening. We have employees who are extremely dedicated, they put in many hours. »

(Photo: – Olivier Therriault)

Renew to work

Furthermore, the company is establishing a slightly different way of recruiting.

“Today we just received a message in the Salvatoré group. The company encourages people who are already employed to bring friends and acquaintances to work. They have to do some kind of raffle for the employee who is supposed to have taken someone and who is supposed to make him work for three months. »

“So our employees are still treated well, we have a lot of fun despite working hard. »

It is still possible to bring your CV, as the restaurant is still looking for employees.

Further development to come

Finally, Ms. Ladouceur testifies to her and her team’s enthusiasm for Rimouski, which was to see the birth of other Pizza Salvatoré branches.

(Photo:, Véronique Bossé)

“Rimouski is really a beautiful city. We didn’t expect such a big city, we don’t come from here so we don’t know the area. We expected a smaller town, but when we got to the top of the hill and saw the whole town, we thought, wow. We will definitely open more Pizza Salvatoré in Rimouski, they are already talking about it. »

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