Pizza, toast and bacon | Quebec calls for commissioning of executive directors of health institutions

(Quebec) Toasts with peanut butter, bacon, donut and now pizza. The Legault government is calling on the executive directors of CIUSSS and CISSS to fix the aftermath of the many cases of nursing staff suspended for eating food intended for patients.

The case of a nurse suspended for eating peanut butter toast in Longueuil, first revealed by that Montreal Journalis far from isolated, according to the Montérégie union. The press reported Thursday morning that a grantee had been suspended for five days during the pandemic for eating a slice of pizza that would have been thrown away.

Earlier this week that Montreal Journal reported similar cases of employees eating a doughnut, bacon or drinking coffee. Health Minister Christian Dubé did not hide his annoyance at the disclosure of these situations as he tries to attract staff to the network.

Sir. Dubé and his colleagues Sonia Bélanger (Minister of Health and Seniors) and Lionel Carmant (Minister of Social Services) will provide an update with all CEOs of health institutions. Deputy Health Minister Dominique Savoie also sent a letter to all the big bosses on Thursday. Managers are reminded that the sanction must be proportionate to the alleged act.

On Wednesday, Christian Dubé stated that the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs was conducting a “detailed investigation” to find out what “happened in several situations”.

“So far, what I’ve asked with my colleague, the health minister’s delegate, is to dig deep into each of the cases before we take a position to make sure we understand exactly what happened,” Mr Dubé said during question period on Wednesday.

The Left accuses Christian Dubé of not having “control” of his network.

“Quebecers who expect 15, then 20 hours, I think they see that he is not in control of his ministry. When he says [qu’au] department, there is a culture problem, […] it is as if he separated himself from his service. He is the leader of the department, he is responsible for it,” said Quebec Liberal Party interim leader Marc Tanguay.

Solidarity deputy Vincent Marissal attacked the minister’s vision, which wants Quebecers to receive a symbolic bill for the care they receive within a few years.

“Is it to make people feel guilty, to tell them: your myocardial infarction cost $42,000? What’s the difference? What’s the purpose of this?” he asked Thursday. He wonders if Mr Dubé is putting this idea back on the agenda “to create a diversion on the stories of pizza, toast and others”.

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