Ploërmel: The Arslam family is originally from Turkey and shares its festive dishes on December 31

Mahir and his mother Guler share the culinary specialties of their country of origin, Turkey. ©Ludivine Ageon

Manager of kebab establishments (Délices Kebab) and tacos (O Délices Tacos) rue de la Gare i Plow flour (Morbihan), Mahir Arslam takes our taste buds on a journey during these closing parties.

From Turkeya transcontinental country located on the border of Asia and Europe, it is rich in its various migrations.

Enough to feed the kitchen with its many influences.

They are essential on Turkish tables

Impossible, for example, to live in Turkey without tasting the famous red lentil soup called Köfte for the year-end party.

Mixing coral lentils, minced meat, garlic, onion, paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, this recipe is appreciated by all: “As soon as there is a party like New Year’s Eve, it is a dish that is found on every table. It is a friendly dish that everyone likes,” says Mahir.

Another delicacy, Börek, these puff pastries, traditionally prepared with yufka leaves, are similar to brick leaves, only thicker:

Inside, our mother, Guler, adds a filling made of spinach, cheese and spices. It is a pleasure. Very tasty, these bites are crispy. Add sesame seeds on top.


A mother who guarantees the dissemination of traditional dishes in the family with her daughters-in-law: “She also makes salads. »

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Among those that the family makes for the 31st so-called American salad composed of potatoes, carrots, peas, pickles, lettuce, cucumber accompanied by a yogurt mayonnaise sauce or Russian salad composed of carrots and grated potatoes in a frying pan: “We add sunflower oil, tomato sauce. We finish with a yoghurt and mayonnaise sauce, but without mixing the ingredients”, explains Mahir, guarantor of tradition.

On the table will also be lahmacun, a crispy flatbread usually topped with meat “which is more often called Turkish pizza”, or even the ezogelin soup made of lentils and bulgur.

The 31st, a family night

dessert sidethe halva made of flour, butter and sugar can be flavored as desired.

On December 31, the majority of locals prefer to spend the evening at home with their friends and family to enjoy the New Year’s dinner.

A tradition that Mahir, his brother Ali and their mother will respect again this year.

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