Porzione Di Capri will have its share (of pizza) in the franchise


by Valentin Puaux

It was in 2019 that Geoffrey Peyrot and Yann Meyssonnier teamed up to create the Porzione di Capri brand, based on a concept of selling pizza by the slice. First by opening directly in Aix-en-Provence (13), then by opening up to franchising with a first establishment in Nantes (44), opened in November 2022. As well as with a new branch inaugurated in Montorgueil (75) in the same period. Meeting on site with Charles Philibert, new partner who joined the adventure in 2020.

Who among us actually finishes his pizza, crust included? This is in view of the number of unfinished dishes; consumers often have eyes bigger than their bellies, in which the Porzione Di Capri concept was born Aix en Provence (13) in 2019, on the initiative of Geoffrey Peyrot and Yann Meyssonnier, respectively from the world of restoration and revision. While three establishments will open directly thanks to the duo, a first franchise will finally see the light of day in Nantes in November 2022. Then comes the opening of a new department (24 m²) in Montorgueilclose to Les Halles, in the 4thth capital district. The concept of Porzione di Capri is simple. We only do take-out service around pizza. In our display window, the pizzas are stacked with 4 pieces. Explain Charles Philibert (ex Groupe Hermès), partner of Porzione di Capri since 2020. And the latter adds:

“The bias is to highlight the product to take advantage of flow traffic and attract the customer to satisfy a little hunger at any time of the day. As for the front of the point of sale, formed by a shell of red and green color, this inevitably reminds of Italy”.

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An economic and ecological concept

The goal of the brand, launched as a franchise just three months ago? Offer a service without waiting for the customer based on the purchase of a profitable, easy to prepare and cross-generational product. It is also a cheaper catering concept for investors who are concerned about the economic situation of catering professionals post-Covid. Although the pizza is very widespread in Croatia or Italy, it is, on the contrary, much less common in France. It is very elaborate, served everywhere, but not in this format. This is what allows us to differentiate ourselves from other players in the sector, although competition benefits everyone.”explains Charles Philibert. And he adds: “We do not seek to promote overconsumption. Because in this way the customer is not forced to pay too much for his product. This concept is therefore an economic and ecological response to the market, both in terms of the customer, since the share is 3.50 euros, and the franchisee. The franchisee does not need packaging or casks. Only one paper portion is enough to serve customers!”.

The concept also gives future franchisees the opportunity to develop in an optimized point of sale, so that everyone can concentrate on welcoming customers and running the store. “There is no cooking necessary. No need for eithere extraction device, which can cause odor nuisance. This simplifies installation. The pizzas are delivered fresh on pallets from our production workshop located in the south of France. They go into the cold room and are reheated in the oven according to the customer’s choice. You don’t have to be a chef or have a restaurant background“, says Charles Philibert. The franchisee must guarantees a trouble-free service11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. or even until


A profitable investment

In addition, Porzione Di Capri promises well-oiled logistics for its future partners. We offer candidates the opportunity to use the concept in a small room, easy to set up anywhere and where operating costs are very limited. The model develops gradually. We do not yet have another workshop, but we can already increase our purchases and limit the increase in raw material prices, especially in times of inflation like this. We are already able to deliver the pizzas very quickly from the south to the north of France with shuttles from national carriers that we join to deliver the pallets to the manager“, assures Charles Philibert, whose pizza recipes can then develop according to the network’s expectations and needs. A network that should grow quickly given the interest many candidates have already shown.

Although we only have one franchise and despite the difficulties in recruiting staff in the sector, we receive many applications because the model is reassuring and accessible., adds the partner.

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90 stores by 2027

Finally, Porzione di Capri also intends to mix the larger cities in the territory with two-thirds franchise units versus one-third branch. “The goal is to identify 90 stores by 2027 distributed between Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille for our branches. The rest will be free. At the beginning of December 2022 we will open Rue Mouffetard in Paris as a branch, then Angers as a franchise. More generally, we address cities such as Chambéry, Lyon, Strasbourg and Nancy. These are cities between 100,000 and 150,000 inhabitants. But take our time!, states Charles Philibert also in discussions with SNCF to implement the concept in the stations. To condense its network, the brand is looking for more investors than operational candidates. The latter, after signing a five-year contract, will have to give consent a total investment of between 30 and 35,000 euros for a classic format (excluding rental rights), such as Montorgueil. Newsstand format, whose hull must be completely created“, which is currently being tested in branches in the shopping center Créteil Soleil (94), is more expensive and requires an investment of at least 60,000 euros. As for royalties, these represent 6.5% of revenue (+ 1% for the marketing and communication part).

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