Quinté+: PRIX DU JARDIN DES EAUX MINERALES – CHANTILLY – 13/12/2022: runners, predictions and results in video

Our opinion: BADEN ROCKS (2)

This true follower of Deauville PSF won his Quinté + there this summer and proved that it remains competitive in 38.5 value. It will discover that of Chantilly for the occasion, but has the means to star if it emerges from its number 15 in the starting stalls.

Race analysis

Impeccable on the fiber sand course at Deauville, Baden Rocks (2) has a good card to play on Tuesday. After failing in a Quinté + in Saint-Cloud, resident Stéphane Wattel, always formidable in this type of event, has just finished in a good action for his return to the sands of Deauville and can strike a blow for his debut on the Cantilian PSF. Côté Jardin (6) has just made a comeback over a distance far too short for his abilities and proved his competitiveness in this type of tournament this summer. Naishan (9) deserves to find his day at this level. He knows how to finish his races and the extension of the distance could very well be profitable for him. Back in the handicap, Black Hawk (13) has the wherewithal to play spoilsport like Lorne (8), the only filly in the lot who had run well in the Prix de l’Elevage (Quinté +), finishing fifth. After a slump, Whispering Ocean (15) has just put his nose against the window, here, and may well make it his handicap debut. Mac la Tambouille (16) will discover PSF for the occasion, but will be able to seduce lovers of outsiders, like Quick Flash (3), in good condition.

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