Region | The weather in Provence: sunshine, a few clouds and still mild temperatures this week

The week will be quite beautiful, even if the clouds share the sky with the sun’s rays at times. In terms of temperatures, they will always be well above seasonal norms. Here is the weather forecast for the week in detail.

Tuesday : the morning will be rather cloudy, announces Meteo France, Aix branch. A few drops of rain are also possible in places. By late afternoon the sky should be clear.

The wind will be light and the “mercury” still doesn’t realize it’s January. Both for the minimum values ​​(between 7 and 8°C inland; 9 to 10°C on the sea side) and for the maximum values ​​(between 13 and 16°C).

Up to 18°C ​​in Pays d’Aix or the Rhône Valley

Wednesday: the good weather will be generalized, although a few clouds will defy the sun by the sea, on the side of the creeks. Minimum temperatures will drop: 4 to 5°C in Rhone, 5°C in Pays d’Aix or even 7°C in Marseille. The maximum will go from 13 (Rhône Valley) to 17°C (east of Etang de Berre). Still no wind…

Thursday: a mistral will rise. It will be moderate (50 to 60 km/h) and will mainly affect the Rhône valley. The Marseille and Aix sectors will not be so concerned. And it will blow with less force around the edge of Etang de Berre.

The thermometer marks slightly lower figures for low temperatures: 3°C for Aix, the Durance valley or Aubagne; 7 to 8°C for the coast and between 5 and 7°C in the Rhone. On the other hand, the maximum will rise further: up to 18°C ​​in the country of Aix or the Rhône valley.

From the first days of January far from winter

Friday: the mistral will subside and the clouds will reappear. They will be quite low and cover the entire area. However, there are no showers on the programme.

The “mercury” will correspond to the day before for the minimum values ​​and around 15°C for the strongest. It is very likely that during this first half of January winter will not yet show its nose tip…

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