Renaud was weakened at the NRJ Music Awards, fans worried, but Louane owed him

Louane salutes “one of the greatest masters of French song”

Speaking of stage, Renaud was this Friday, November 18 – arrived discreetly, he did not walk through the red carpet – on the stage of NRJ Music Awards presented by Camille Combal and broadcast on TF1 and simultaneously on NRJ. The 70-year-old singer agreed on social networks, but appeared weakened. “Seeing Renaud in this state is terribly sad. He broke my heart”, “I saw Renaud’s move to the NMAs. I knew it but it still hurts. Great man. Rest Renaud. Let it be. Please.”, we can read among the many comments on Twitter. However, the father of Lolita Séchan (40 years old), daughter of Dominique Quilichini and Malone (16 years old), son of Romane Serda, received an honorary award for his entire career.

A reward that was awarded to him by Louane. Then she took over the title. Mistral wins, eye to eye with a moved Renaud. “Pay tribute to one of the greatest masters of French song for the beauty of his writing and the simplicity of his words. He knows how to tell our lives like no one else, our little sorrows like our big feelings. His lyrics and his melodies have always followed us“, declared the young interpreter in particular.

The microphone in his trembling hand, Renaud then replied: “Thank you very much, thank you from the bottom of my heart. In 2002 I sang here Manhattan Kabul with Axelle Red it is a beautiful memory. I thank the CEO of NRJ, if I had been told in 68 that I would thank a CEO one day, I would not have believed it. “Touched by this tribute, Mister Renard left the stage to the applause of the public.

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