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Pizzeria / He made dough for others in his Guillotire laboratory. Marco Licata has finally just opened his pizzeria, Pizza Fab, and it is La Croix-Rousse.

Him is Marco Licata. In its premises at 7e Dubbed Pizza Lab, for seven years it has been providing brothers and sisters who have no time or space with pizza dough, made with organic Italian flour and fermented for a long time. He also offers local residents the chance to buy his petons on Saturday nights with a box of Mutti and a bag of mozzarella. Ideal for football nights, as for boycott nights, we have more time to spread, cook and decorate.

But why doesn’t Marco make them himself, his pizzas? The time has come: the Lab now has its Fab. It is on the other side of town, in the middle of the slopes, in a very small place just furnished with an oven and a dining table, only open for lunch. The pizzas here are more specifically Torino style al tegamino. That is, what is cooked in a small round aluminum dish (a piccolo tea game) rather than directly on the stone (as for the most classic pizza al mattone).

However, they weigh the same.

This style of pizza had its heyday in Piedmont between the 1930s and 1950s, before being replaced, favored by waves of immigration from the south, by the Neapolitan technique. The dough is placed in its tea game several hours, even a day, allowing a second rise and therefore a light dough, although thicker.

Note that the diameter of these pizzas is smaller, which can be confusing (should I eat my fill?), yet they weigh the same (220g). Here we find them decorated classically, with tomatoes and mozza di bufala, ham and mushroom, pepper and chili, or for us with a delicious decoration of gorgonzola and red onion, on a dough, therefore soft, but also crispy, thanks to olive oil which the form is covered with.

Pizza Fab
32 rue des Tables Claudian, Lyon 1eh
Monday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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