Retro 2022: A pulsating village heart

By Pierre-Olivier Girard

RETRO. If there is a place in the region where the action has not been lacking in 2022, it is certainly in the village of Cherry River in the canton of Orford with the arrival of new companies and large projects in the collimator.

Just walk around the sector to see the accelerated development of recent months. Not because the place’s cachet has changed, but because new addresses have appeared.

Mostly, these are businesses that are already well-known in the region, such as the Chez Dora donut shop, which has opened a second branch there after Eastman. We also think of the Ducs de Montrichard, who closed their shop at the chemist Alfred-Desrochers – while keeping their production there – in favor of the former vegan restaurant Belania d’Amour. The company has also renamed its business “Ô Terroir des Duchesses”.

Recently, Savonnerie des Diligences inaugurated a new base in the small shopping center that already houses La Mie d’Orford and Canton Brasse microbrewery.

A little further, close to the border between Magog and Orford, Century 21 has chosen to set up its new headquarters in the former Ohlavie grocery store. There is also a restaurant and ready-to-eat service, Pasta & Fumo, on the ground floor.

Other projects should be monitored, including project manager William Belval, who wants to develop the large vacant lot located at the corner of kemin Alfred-Desrochers and route 141. A grocery store, a pharmacy and several residences are part of the overall project. , which however received a mixed reception from the population at the end of November.

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