Retrospective: ten outstanding films of the year 2022 –

Journalists specializing in cinema for RTS, Rafael Wolf and Philippe Congiusti, reveal their favorite films of the year. A retrospective that honors imagination, indolence and strong emotions.

Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson

The most beautiful, dizzying and romantic throwback to the 1970s seen this year. Paul Thomas Anderson’s most brilliant film since “Punch Drunk Love,” which films its main couple as two planets moved by opposite motions, attractive and repulsive.

Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman are huge.

>> To watch: the trailer for the movie “Licorice Pizza”

Bruno Reidal by Vincent Le Port

The true story of a 17-year-old teenager, a peasant seminarian from Cantal, who in 1905 wants to behead a 12-year-old child.

A harsh, powerful, dry chronicle in the form of a confession; a young man who has had thoughts of murder since the age of 6, driven by the fantasy of ecstatic pleasure.

>> To watch: the trailer for the movie

“Armageddon Time” by James Gray

I was overwhelmed by the muted emotions that emerge from this family chronicle set in the 1980s. Three generations of Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants, on the eve of the election of Ronald Reagan, the mourning of American ideals, the paths already traced by a white teenager and his black classmate.

A very big film which has the modesty to hide under a veneer of simplicity.

>> To watch: the trailer for the movie “Armageddon Time”

Close to Lukas Dhont

A fused friendship between two teenagers shattered by tragedy. The staging is fantastic, the dramaturgy both simple and profound, the young Eden Dambrine nails you to the ground.

Big emotional slap of the year.

>> To read: “Close”, moving film by Lukas Dhont about the transition from childhood to youth

No by Jordan Peele

The craziest, most bloated and most confusing movie I’ve seen in 2022. A tribute to the art of cinema, reviving an original image of the seventh art, the image of a black rider captured by Edward Muybridge.

A staggeringly beautiful and disturbing sci-fi western, which constantly plays on the motif of the eye and the question of the gaze.

>> To watch: the official trailer for “No” by Jordan Peele

“Mad Heidi” by Johannes Hartmann and Sandro Klopfstein

The biggest kif ever produced in Switzerland!

A grindhouse frenzy to the death for “rigorelo” movie enthusiasts who love the smell of grilled cheese early in the morning, the exploded heads, the entrails taking the air, the warriors with pigtails and the prisoners who rise from the grindstone and fight like hell . Hysterically funny.

>> Listening: Sandro Klopfstein’s interview in “Brazil”

Mad Heidi / Brazil / 9 min. / 27 November 2022

“Without filter” by Ruben Östlund

Money makes you greedy, stupid, mad, stinky and a whole bunch of other “idea” words! With this Cannes Palme d’Or, Ruben Ostlünd confirms a certain taste for the spread in the service of a demonstration in three acts of the ugliness of the human soul perverted by the power of dirty money and the appearance that has taken over. being. Delusions.

>> To watch: the trailer for the movie

>> To read: “Without filter”, uncompromising critique of capitalism and its excesses

“The Innocent” by Louis Garrel

When Louis Garrel has fun and flirts with genres, it makes for a delicious socio-romantic family police comedy about the torments of a son who wants to protect his mother from the clutches of a sleazy convicted hypothetical villain with feelings, but not only. Large.

>> To read: Comedian and director Louis Garrel goes crazy with “L’innocent”

“Nights of Mashhad” by Ali Abbasi

Excellent thriller full of suspense with prostitutes victims of a father on any suspicion who kills them to “cleanse this Iranian city of these unclean women”. A journalist tracks him down and fights against the machismo and complacency of the authorities to have him arrested and prosecuted. Effective.

>> To watch: the trailer for the movie “The Nights of Mashhad”

“Lamb” by Valdimar Johannsson

Exciting but eerily rural and naturalistic Swedish fantasy film about monstrosity and the overriding desire for parenthood, as a pair of barren shepherds decide to raise a newborn half-man, half-sheep baby in their home as their own son’s barn. Delicious.

>> To watch: the trailer for the movie “Lamb”


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