Risk of severe storms and flooding: a department put on orange alert

Météo France has decided to place a department on orange alert on Tuesday.

Due to an “active rainstorm episode requiring special vigilance”, Météo France raises the level of vigilance to orange for southern Corsica for the risk of “thunderstorm” and “rain-flooding”.

The rainy-stormy breakdown that will approach the island from the west will bring thunderstorms from the sea in the morning to western Corsica.

40 to 60 mm in one hour

According to Météo France, “they strengthen at noon and last until midnight. The storms are locally strong with intensities of around 40 to 60 mm in 1 hour.”

Accumulations over the episode should be close to 50 to 80 mm, locally 130 to 150 mm. In addition to the electrical activity, these storms will be accompanied by strong wind gusts, around 70 to 80 km/h.

Coastal areas can be affected by these strong storms. The activity should gradually cease during the second part of the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

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