Russia says it will not use biological weapons

Russia will not use biological weapons, a senior Russian diplomat said on Friday (December 16th) at a press briefing in Geneva.

Konstantin Vorontsov, deputy director of the non-proliferation and arms control department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, played down fears that Russia could use these weapons. “It’s not a topic at allhe told a group of reporters.

“Peaceful Endings”

Russia is “fully committed to its obligationsrelated to international treaties that prohibit their use. “We have no programs in the military field related to biological weapons“said the diplomat, adding:”All our activities in the biological field are purely for peaceful purposes and nothing more.»

Konstantin Vorontsov spoke on the sidelines of the revision of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), which takes place every 5 years and is to be completed on Friday after three weeks of work. The convention prohibits the development, production and stockpiling of this entire category of weapons of mass destruction.

But the absence of a verification mechanism has been its major weakness and a point of contention for two decades. Konstantin Vorontsov also returned to the Russian accusations against the United States and Ukraine. Since the invasion of its neighbor by Moscow, Russia has repeatedly accused Washington of being involved in the alleged development of biological weapons in laboratories in Ukraine.

In October, Moscow unsuccessfully asked the UN Security Council to investigate its allegations, which both Washington and Kiev strongly deny. The allegations were brought back to the table at the review conference in Geneva, and Russian Ambassador Gennady Gatilov told reporters that Moscow had no intention of dropping the issue.

“We know the facts”

We consider it a threat to our national securityhe said, accusing Washington of being militarily involved in secret labs.not only in Ukraine, but in many, many other countries … along the borders of the Russian Federation.Asked what evidence Russia had, the ambassador said that “thousands of documents were seizedof the Russian troops, which is as much proof, according to him, of the existence of these secret military activities in these laboratories.

We’re not just talking about that. We know the facts“, he launched, lamenting that the US or Ukraine never answered the questions.

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