Saillagouse- Something new in the industry: Eric Planes opens Pasta d’Aquí

This August, the hotel restaurant Planes has created an additional brand, Pasta d’aquí. The shop offers fresh pasta and ravioli.

The idea was to create something that did not exist in Cerdagne and Capcir, the production of fresh pasta, Pasta d’aquI. I gave this name, which is now a registered trademark“explains Eric Planes. “Jsuggested my chef at Planes restaurant, Christophe Maslin, to open this shop in a room that belongs to me. It had been on rent for several months, and since I hadn’t found any new dealers, I decided to start over.“In the morning, Chef Maslin makes the pasta.”And I hired two employees, Frédéric and Cathy, who run the shop every day and offer six kinds of fresh pasta to take away, cooked or raw. You can also taste them on the spot.“adds Eric. For now Pasta d’aqui makes spaghetti, fusilli, tagliatelle, macaroni, conchiglioni, rigatoni and two types of ravioli that will change with the seasons.

Local products

The trade makes maximum use of local products such as eggs from Cal Gafet in Sainte-Léocadie, Tir tapper pork from Eus, hoping to have local durum wheat semolina soon. And to accompany the pasta and other ravioli, homemade sauces composed by the chef in the restaurant’s kitchens will subtly enhance the dish: mushroom sauce (ceps and morels), pesto, tomato, Bolognese, bacon pieces. Desserts made in the restaurant’s pastry shop complete the menu. And to add a transalpine note, the shop offers Italian ice cream. Pasta d’aqui, a novelty that has already won many connoisseurs!

Pasta d’AquI. Open 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Tel. 04 68 04 72 08.

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