Saver down. New owners at the helm of Naples pizza

Clément Agenor and his mother Sylvie have just taken over the foundation of the Napoli Pizza establishment following the advice of a friend who knew about the vacancy. After careful consideration, they set out on the adventure.

Clément is a trained pizza maker and his mother in food safety. After some repair work, the pizzeria reopened its doors on December 20. “At the moment I offer twelve pizzas: six with a cream base and six others with a tomato base. But also panini, kebabs and drinks”, explains Clément. “We only work with fresh products. At the moment it is important to know where the food comes from, and we will contact the drive farmer and local producers”, adds Sylvie.

If the pizzas can currently be eaten on site or taken away, Clément plans to deliver them on the weekend. He also registered on the “toogoogtogo” application. “If at the end of the service I have fresh toppings left that I cannot keep, I offer my pizzas on this app at a very low price. Those interested can come and pick them up. This avoids food waste and everyone will find their account . . . “.

Now Saverdunois, they have already met the old and new customers, whom they welcome with kindness. They are particularly pleased to live in “a lively city where everything is nearby.”

The Napoli Pizza pizzeria is open every day, except Sunday lunchtime. Contact: 09 81 50 90 95.

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