scientists are looking for “the oldest ice in the world” in a hole 93 meters

This particular mission attempts to better understand our planet’s evolution and future by studying the ice sheets’ response to climate change.

Several scientists from the Center for Oldest Ice Exploration (Coldex) – a US mission that studies the oldest ice samples in the world – published on December 23 the video of a camera diving into a hole 93 meters deep in Antarctica. , reports SkyNews.

The goal: to find the “oldest ice in the world” to better understand the evolution and future of the Earth’s climate through the study of the resistance of the Antarctic ice sheets to global warming.

Thanks to the analysis of the air bubbles trapped in the ice at depth, Coldex can thus determine the amount of carbon dioxide in the air in a given period.

In this hole, drilled twenty years ago in the Allan Hills, in East Antarctica, researchers have so far been able to analyze fragments that are 800,000 years old.

But they don’t want to stop there. They hope to “push back [ce record] three or four million years, or even more,” said Edward Brook, climate scientist and director of Coldex at Antarctic Sun, quoted by British media.

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