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Resolutely, we go upside down.

At a time when even the English seem to be denying their good old days kick and rush to approach tiki-takathis news published by Guardian seems to be going in the direction of revolution.

The Scottish Football Association has banned professional clubs from using their heads during training the day before and the day after a match. A decision made to combat the problems associated with brain damage in former footballers, after a study found that “Former professional football players were three and a half times more likely to suffer from dementia and other serious neurological diseases” . A study from the University of Glasgow in 2019 also showed this “former professionals were three and a half times more likely than a member of the public to die from brain disease, five times more likely to die from Alzheimer’s disease and four times more likely to die from motor neurone disease” a progressive loss of motor neurons resulting in progressive paralysis.

Headline bans had already been promoted in the UK for children, in Scotland as early as 2020 and in England last summer.

But that’s okay, we’ve already done them all, the valves on Peter Crouch?


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