Security check on iPhone explained by Apple in a video

The new Security Check on iPhone feature added by Apple with iOS 16 allows a user to quickly stop sharing their information or review and update sharing with specific people and apps (if their personal security is compromised). She is in a new video on YouTube.

When you use Security control, keep in mind that some people may notice that you stop sharing your data with them. When you end a sharing relationship, you may lose access to data such as shared photos and notes.

On its website, Apple explains that you can use Security control to control who you share information with, restrict messaging and FaceTime to your iPhone, reset app permissions to system data, change your password, change your Apple ID, and more. If you want to reshare with someone after using “Safety Check”, simply open the app or service from which you want to share information and reshare the desired content.

However, the manufacturer points out that if your iPhone has screen time limits activated or has an MDM (mobile device management) profile installed, you can still use Security controlbut some features may not be available.

Functionality Security control is only available on iPhone and only if you have one Apple ID personal (and not a Managed Apple ID) using two-factor authentication. In addition, you must also be logged in Settings > [votre nom] on your iPhone. Once you’re logged in, you can access it by going to Settingsthen in the section Privacy and security and finally choose Security control.

iPhone Security Control iOS 16: Security control on iPhone explained by Apple in a video

indignant, Security control contains an option called “Emergency Mode”. This consists in immediately stopping the sharing of the above elements, including all types of sharing. That Emergency reset also lets you review and reset settings associated with your Apple ID. For more information about this new feature, visit Apple’s website.

case iphone 14 iOS 16: Security check on iPhone explained by Apple in a video

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