she humorously reveals the gender of her future baby

Pink notebook! Cindy Poumeyrol (Koh Lanta) announced on her Instagram account that she was expecting her third child. She took the opportunity to reveal the gender of the baby-to-be.

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Cindy Poumeyrol went all the way to the final in Koh-Lanta: The War of the Chiefs in 2019 before losing to Maxime. After becoming an iconic adventurer in the survival game, she tried her luck against the best candidates in the Koh Lanta, the legend, with much less success. The sparkling blonde had become the mother of a little Alba for the first time between her two participations. In January 2022, the young woman had given birth to her second daughter, named Victoire. And it’s now on Instagram or on the show VAT and Famous on TFX that his followers can follow his adventures.

A baby planned for April 2023

This Wednesday, December 7, it is also on the social network that she announced excellent news. Cindy Poumeyrol becomes a mother for the third time. She took the opportunity to already reveal the gender of the future baby. “Here we go again! Do you know the rehearsal comedy? October 2019: It’s a girl January 2022: It’s a girl April 2023: It’s… a girl”, she wrote with her usual humor. To illustrate her point, she chose three shots in which her companion Thomas first holds her alone on his shoulders, then in the company of little Alba, and in the third picture he carries his wife and two daughters. “Very happy to expand our family, @thomaschenut here’s the ransom when you have such strong shoulders”she continued, adding the hashtag “girl gang”. A pregnancy that the young woman must not fail to bring to life for her subscribers on the social network, just like the previous ones.

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Cindy receives many congratulatory messages

This announcement has earned him many messages from former reality TV contestants. Anaïs Sanson, who recently became a mother, congratulated her, as did Wafa Brundson, former candidate for Koh Lanta also seen in VAT and Famousor the former Miss Rachel Legrain-Trapani. “FINALLY!!! I remember the moment you told me I was waiting for our 4 cheese pizza 🤣 (fresh cream base of course) Congratulations again to you my chicken”enthused Charlène Le Mer. Its subscribers did not fail to congratulate Cindy on this new happiness to come.

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