Short men are more psychopathic than others, according to this study

After a personality study of more than 300 people, the researchers found that short men were more confrontational and gloomy than other people. A diagnosis that the history of France cannot deny.

The size of a man or a woman sometimes turns out to be a decisive selection criterion in romantic encounters. A taboo for a long time, short men now seem to be popular, which is especially evident from the excitement of the public at every appearance of the American actor Tom Cruise (1.70 m) or Tom Holland (1.73 m), aka Peter Parker in Spider Man. But before you rush headlong into the search for the ideal man, you should know that size is actually much more than a simple physical attribute. Polish scientists have discovered that short men develop more contradictory character traits than others, namely narcissism, manipulation or psychopathy.

Males are much darker than females

To achieve this astonishing correlation, 233 men and 134 women participated in the so-called “dark triad” psychological test. The latter, developed by psychologists in the early 2000s, reveals three characteristic features of a potentially harmful personality, namely narcissism (egocentrism), psychopathy (lack of empathy and impulsive behavior) and Machiavellianism (manipulation and lack of scruples). The researchers, who publish their findings in the journal Elsevier Personality and Individual Differences, noted that men with some of the dark triad dispositions were less satisfied with their height, but more importantly, that conflict may be due to their smallness. . “We believe that these behavioral syndromes are designed by natural selection to allow less demanding individuals to continue to face life’s challenges.” the authors of the study go even further. Unlike men, no evidence of psychopathy was found in women. “Low females tend to use deception to appear more desirable or to gain some form of protection“, write the researchers.

A link to the “Napoleon Complex”

In an attempt to understand the origin of these personality “disorders”, the researchers also drew a parallel between their current theory and the “Napoleon complex”. A good tactician and strategist, Napoleon Bonaparte was also the highest incarnation of the Machiavellian prince. Often mocked for his small size (1.68 m), although the average of the time was much shorter than today, the first emperor of the French would have developed an inferiority complex, which would explain why he will have stopped imposing his authority and his power with power. “When someone is not physically formidable and does not have an intimidating presence, he must impose himself by other means, and especially by psychology“, explains Monika Kozlowska, lead author of the study. And to add to this analysis, which sounds like a warning: “Short men who exhibit traits such as psychopathy may use them to demand respect or impress their partnerHowever, be careful not to generalize.

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