Simone Zanoni and Marmiton: pasta cosi!

Here’s the perfect opportunity to put on your best apron and get your hands dirty. “La”, yes, because in Italian they are singular and singular, this pasta. And the chef does not fail to make pasta, for all gourmands.

Spaghetti all’amatriciana, Ossobuco ravioli, Strozza preti with green asparagus or Paccheri alla Norma, pasta will have no more secrets for you!

Simone Zanoni is inspired by Marmiton’s most popular Italian pasta recipes to the delight of all lovers of Italy who are curious to discover typical transalpine recipes. Cooking like Simone, through recipes suggested by Marmiton users, what to give wings?

Sharing, sociability, originality: words that are the very definition of cooking according to Simone Zanoni, and which are rejected throughout the book through delicious gourmet pasta recipes inspired by the favorite cooking place of the French and daily Italian cuisine!

As a bonus, the chef revealed techniques to allow chefs, novice as well as experienced, to easily reproduce the dishes in this unpublished book step by step.

I am happy to participate shell on this new work devoted on Italian food that shook my childhood. Today I want to convey the taste of good products and the values ​​of sharing, simplicity and sociability that are so important to me. Indispensable in Italian culturee, pasta is the very illustration of this: it doesn’t take much to sublimate the most classic recipes and create great dishes», explains Simone Zanoni.

With authentic and juicy recipes revisited by the chef in #Pasta Policethis unpublished Marmiton book will undoubtedly be the new culinary bible for fans of Italian cuisine!

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