Snow on the plains tonight and Monday: what to expect?

The cold settles in the northern two-thirds thanks to a light wind blowing from the east. The European continent is cooling and covered in snow. Our country suffers in part from the consequences of this first winter offensive. Not only is the temperature drop accelerating, but the first snowflakes will fly over the plains this weekend until tomorrow Monday. Don’t expect completely white landscapes, except in the mountains, but a few sprinkles can be observed.

Humidity and cold, a winter cocktail for snow

The meteorological context is conducive to some snowfall this weekend, because we are witnessing the combination of two parameters: the cold in the northern half and disturbances filled with moist and mild air coming up from the Mediterranean. This conflict of air masses causes some light snowfall at low altitude and locally in the plains

This Sunday: a few snowflakes in the northwest

This Sunday, a few snowflakes have thus been observed in the north-western and mid-western part of the country. Due to positive temperatures, this snow does not stick to the ground. A very light dust formation can be observed on the hills of Perche, without any aggravating effect on traffic.

Night from Sunday to Monday and Monday morning, some snow on the plain in the northeast

Tonight, light snowfall will increase from Grand-Est to Hauts-de-France to Normandy. They will be able to sprinkle the soil of the hills of Artois, the country of Bray, the Lorraine plateau, without worsening it, but since it will be the 1st snowfall of the season, be careful on the roads this night and Monday morning in the mentioned regions, with some smooth phenomena to account for.

It is especially in the Hauts-de-France and in the Ardennes that the conditions this night and Monday morning can be made locally difficult due to temperatures close to 0°C with the risk of icing on the ground.

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