Sodebo increases its catering department in the Vendée

Written November 22, 2022, at 12.00

Sodebo’s smørrebrød and Pasta Box are underway. To produce more, the catering product specialist has integrated 280 employees in 2021, 170 this year, and will seek 200 more people next year at its industrial center in Montaigu in the Vendée. Sodebo, which employs 2,900 people on a turnover of 494 million euros, is experiencing strong growth, around 15% to 20%, on some of its ranges, particularly sandwiches and pasta boxes. “Products from 3 to 3.50 euros that meet consumer expectations well given inflation and the cost of living”, summarizes François-Frédéric Breux, HRD of the Montaigu company, specialized in catering products and pizza.

Sodebo must therefore equip its industrial center with new production lines and recruit 200 people to run them. Already, the company has integrated 170 employees on permanent contracts this year, after 280 people last year, primarily on production profiles, especially line and maintenance operators. “We would have liked to do more, but the market is complex,” admits François-Frédéric Breux.

Pay rise

In a recruitment pool under pressure, François-Frédéric Breux describes an HR strategy based on an increased effort in relation to integration and training. Unemployed people who are further away from employment need to be supported due to the increasing level of robotization and technological advances. Fifty people have been recruited during the past year and a half via training courses. The company has also expanded its communication to recruit on social networks.

Wages have increased by more than 100 euros over the past ten months. The company has also created a housing reference position to support candidates in the search or to work with landlords. Because Sodebo strives to expand its recruitment network in Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne or Deux-Sèvres.

“These are operations that affect three or four people at a time and not large groups”, HRD supports, stressing that it is difficult on operator sites to easily mobilize people beyond three hours. To its candidates, Sodebo also sells opportunities for development. The company actually defends the highly integrated model at its “Sodeboland” in Montaigu, where it promotes an offer of a hundred different trades.

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