Sodebo will recruit 200 people in 2023 in the Vendée

280 employees in 2021, 170 this year, 200 next year… With strong growth, especially in sandwich and pasta boxes, Sodebo, in a context of almost full employment, continues its large-scale employment plans in Montaigu.

Sodebo will recruit another 200 people in 2023 after already integrating 280 people on permanent contracts in 2021 and 170 people in 2022, mainly in production profiles, especially line operators, and maintenance. “We would have liked to do more, but the market is complex,” admits François-Frédéric Breux, HRD of the Saint-Georges-de-Montaigu company.

Growth and investments

Sodebo, which employs 2,900 people, is experiencing strong growth, around 15% to 20%, on some of its ranges, particularly sandwiches and pasta boxes. “Products from 3 to 3.5 euros, which meet consumer expectations well given inflation and the cost of living”, notes the manager. Recruitment will also accompany the installation of new production lines next year.

Programmatic recruitment

Since Sodebo is at the heart of an employment area where unemployment is 3.5%, François-Frédéric Breux describes an HR strategy based on an increased effort in relation to integration and training. Indeed, unemployed people who are further away from employment need to be supported due to the increasing degree of robotization and technological advances. The proportion of employment on permanent contracts is increasing in order to build loyalty and focus on training people in the long term. 50 people have been recruited over the past year and a half via diploma programs (CQP). The company has also strengthened its communication via programmatic recruitment on social networks.

Housing referent

Wages have been increased by more than 100 euros in the last 10 months. The company has also created a position of housing officer to support candidates in their relationship, the search for housing, to cooperate with landlords, identify plots for construction… Because Sodebo strives to recruit beyond its pool in areas that are slightly smaller tense , in Anjou, Mayenne, Deux-Sèvres… But according to HRD, it is difficult at operator stations to mobilize people who are over 3 hours.

100 professions on the same pole

Note, contrary to what is written, the company has not set up an office in Nantes to facilitate its recruitment. On the contrary, it defends the model of an integrated place in Saint-Georges-de-Montaigu, where it promotes a hundred different professions. The concentration of trades in the same place is presented as an opportunity for development for the employees.

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