Spain: A rare double meteorite phenomenon recorded in the skies of the Canary Islands

It is the season of meteorites in the skies of the Canary Islands as they multiply and some are very rare.

Already on Wednesday afternoon, a meteorite caused a deafening noise as it flew over the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. Then, this Thursday 1 December, it was in Lanzarote that the Spanish Meteorite Research Network was able to catch a very rare double meteorite at 01.53.

The double meteorite was filmed entering the atmosphere.

Regarding the intense noise heard in Gran Canaria, the researchers concluded the day before an acoustic wave caused by this fireball that penetrated the atmosphere at supersonic speed.

And the noise was such that the network of seismographs, particularly active in the sector, clearly recorded the vibration of this explosion with elements that clearly made it possible to specify that it was not an earthquake.

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