Spigen: the best accessory to protect your AirPods, Apple Watch and iPad… 📍

Are your smart devices with you all day? If so, are they really well protected? Improve the security of your devices, improve your daily life! We present to you this a reliable brand, Spigen.

Spigen is a US-based South Korean manufacturer of mobile phone accessories that produces cases, screen protectors and other accessories for popular smartphone models.

With more than 550 prototypes of accessories and protections for iPhone and Android, Spigen currently protects millions of smartphones worldwide. Their philosophy is based on a simple and smart design that aims to protect your devices to the maximum without distorting the appearance and design of each device.

Spigen smartphone cases let you take full advantage of your phone’s design, keeping it as thin as the original and making everything accessible, from Face ID to one-handed photography, so the phone stays the same as the one you fell in love with.

Protect all your devices with Spigen accessories

Smart devices are always around you, whether you’re sitting on a desk, on your wrist or carried around. Spigen offers a wide range of products to support your daily life and protect your devices.

Here are a few examples, although there are dozens. Spigen’s Rugged Armor protects your smartphone without distorting it. Mag Armor MagFit helps keep your devices as thin as possible, yet protected, while still allowing you to benefit from MagSafe. Lock Fit is an ingenious accessory that allows you to avoid losing your devices (like AirPods) and enjoy the best possible protection.

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Rugged Armor Pro Black for iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)

You know how difficult it is to easily grab or carry an iPad in your hand due to its size and weight. The problem is that the iPad can easily get scratched or dropped, which can be critical for the device.

No matter how you use it (at the office, in transit, at home, etc.), the Rugged Armor Pro protection will protect your iPad no matter what. This robust armor offers a sleek design while being extremely space-saving thanks to its very slim profile. With this robust case, you can concentrate on your work, regardless of the conditions.

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Mag Armor MagFit for AirPods Pro 2

Are your AirPods well protected? Spigen offers you more than just protection here: the Mag Armor MagFit offers a modern and elegant matte black design, in addition to a very soft grip. The adhesive tape on the top firmly grips the top of the AirPods, convenient. The built-in magnets are fully compatible with the MagSafe charger, so you can enjoy life wirelessly.

The accessory is extremely easy to use: just snap it onto the MagSafe charger and always stay powered up with the case on!

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Lock Fit for AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Don’t let any worries get to your headphones! Everyone has accidentally lost or misplaced AirPods or Galaxy Buds from their case. Spigen offers you a solution to never lose or damage them again with the Spigen Lock Fit, which keeps your device securely in place. You can be sure that the locking device will keep the cover closed even in case of a big impact.

It’s time to keep your devices safe and be with them all the time. With an easy clip, you can hang them up and carry them wherever you go!

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Rugged Armor and Rugged Armor Pro Black

The Apple Watch on your wrist is always exposed to possible daily damage… Since it’s literally a wearable device, it may pose more risks than your smartphone. There’s no need to stress over the thought of damaging it: upgrade your watch by adding a very minimalist yet solid protection like you do for your smartphone.

Protect every part and every edge of your Apple Watch thanks to the particularly precise design of Spigen accessories: the raised edges of the Rugged Armor will protect the screen from drops and scratches. You can also enjoy more stability with an all-in-one strap. Wireless charging with the case is possible.

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Spigen, a trusted brand for your accessories

Spigen accessories for all your smart devices will always be with you to improve your daily life. Don’t hesitate to offer the best possible protection, design and ease of use to your devices with Spigen products!

Improve your daily life and live a smarter life with Spigen


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