Squash, recipes that change

Tired of going around in circles between pumpkins and pumpkins? Be inspired by Hélène Borderies* fantastic ideas.

Squash, pumpkin, kabotcha, shiatsu… vary the pleasures with cucumbers

The family of cucurbits invites you to wander. We travel through France with pumpkin bright red from Étampes, the squash the musk of Provence, the trumpet of Nice, the sugar of Berry… Beyond that we discover pumpkin blue from Hungary (grey blue skin, orange flesh), full squash from Naples (dark green and tiger)… But the best trip takes us to Japan: kabocha squash (striped spruce green), shiatsu (green with orange spots), futsu black (ochre to dark green skin, yellow flesh). Rather than one “trip squash” !

Squash, the recipe for a good filling

This is one of the tastiest and most comforting recipes when it comes to cucurbits: stuffed squash ! We are happy to turn down the recipe with half-butternut squashbut all the varieties, especially the smaller ones, are suitable for play. The mini formats (jack be smallbaby boo, golden apples) decorates itself with meat under the hat like tomatoes, the squash welcome bulgur and haddock, the patientcocotte eggs… And they all love to cover themselves with a layer of melted cheese. To ensure the shot, we think of pre-boiling them empty!

The best squash sauces

Squash is the new tomato. In any case, it corresponds to all winter sauces. Boiled and browned with onions, garlic, herbs, then moistened with water or broth, it gets a more or less thick consistency and a very tasty taste. We test by coating short pasta (pasta and zucca in Italy) or in a lasagna dish.

Cooking the squash for dessert

The meat in one Pumpkin pie is a great American classic. Pumpkin seeds fit into granolas. But still: we replace the carrot in one butternut cake, replace the butter with a pumpkin puree in cookies or a brownie, and more surprisingly, caramelize large strips of pumpkin: as beautiful as they are good!

Read. Squash is fun, varied and delicious. With this conviction, the young Hélène Borderies explores the field of possibilities with dynamism and modernity. Thanks to that, they are transformed into chips, toasts, röstis or pickles by varying textures and cooking methods. Stop Conservatism: The Earth is Blue as a Pumpkin!

*”Squash always”, by Hélène Borderies, photos by Émilie Guelpa, 152 pp., €19.90, ed. Marabout.

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