Statement: his Apple Watch alerted him to a serious heart problem

At every presentation of a new Apple Watch, Tim Cook likes to remind people that his watch saves lives: it has even become one of the key elements of Apple’s communication for this product. We recently published an article about a young Indian boy who was saved by his Apple Watch and received an email from Tim Cook. Following this, one of our readers contacted us to let us know that the CEO had also replied to his email. His Apple Watch Series 6 may have saved his life by detecting serious heart problems.

It all starts at the edge of a swimming pool in the south of France: AurĂ©lien’s series 6 tells him that his heart beats too fast when he is neither in the water nor making any special effort. The forty-year-old decides to do an EKG, which tells him that his heart is at more than 200 beats per minute at rest. ” I didn’t have to do another test, when my wife saw my heart beating in my chest, she immediately called the emergency room “, he confides in us.


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