Stéphane Métro accused of sexual assault on a minor: singer Gwendal Marimoutou gives poignant testimony

A trial to finally free the word: Starting this Wednesday, December 14, the singer Stéphane Métro will go to court for very serious charges of sexual abuse of a minor by an official. This trial is not the first for him as he has already been convicted and sentenced in the past. In 1996, at the age of 20, he received an 18-month suspended prison sentence for “sexual assault with violence, coercion, threat, surprise” on two 11-year-old minors at the tribunal de grande instance of Privas, in Ardèche.

Extremely recognized in the world of show business, the 46-year-old has chained roles over the past twenty years (Dracula, Romeo and Juliet, King Arthur etc…) and jobs in musical theater and singing schools. Jobs and places where he would have found his many victims according to a lengthy investigation published in the newspaper Release this Tuesday. For half a year, the newspaper has managed to investigate and find six alleged victims of the man, all of whom describe the same processes: to ensure that the young people became attached to him, he would then have imposed sexual relations on them under the influence. or despite lack of consent.

Among the witnesses is a young man whom no one has forgotten, Gwendal Marimoutou. Having just entered his teenage years in the late 2000s, the young man made his stage debut playing Simba in the musical Lions King. A few weeks later he participated in France has incredible talent and gets closer to Stéphane Métro, whom he will meet again at Aicom, a prestigious school where the accused is a teacher.

I find myself alone, a little lost

And that’s when, he says, it all started. “He proceeded methodically. I was 14 and a half. I was changing, I was asking myself a lot of questions. The week at boarding school, harassed by my classmates, I looked forward to the weekend at Aicom, the musical theater school. Stéphane Métro was one of the singing teachers. I was going to his house to practice with other teenagers like me“, he told the Liberation newspaper in particular.

A powerful testimony, which he gives more details about: “I remember McDo the first night in his living room watching Romeo and Juliet playing. He turns off the light and it starts. Mechanical, fast. He leaves the room to get dressed. And I find myself alone, a little lost. Every time it happened like this. It happened several times for eight or nine months before I could say no“.

Today, Gwendal is 27 years old and, like many other potential victims, she only realized the extent of her attacker’s actions some time ago in front of questions from the police. And now refuses to be silent. “Gradually I realized. Handling. His predatory side. The influence. All this guilt that I had carried for years… Pedocrime, we have the image of a pervert, old, disgusting, when in reality it is not that at all, it is much more insidious“, he explains. He was then supported by his friend Lola Dubini on Twitter.

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