Summer resort, Larvotto Beach, is now also a winter shopping destination

” VSit’s great to be here. Our working environment is fantastic. We have worked very well this summer, and the start of the winter season promises to be just as profitable. Since April we haven’t stopped! » Roberta Tiziana set up her shop in April on the lower Larvotto promenade. At the helm of Interior Monaco, the shop owner wouldn’t change his location for anything in the world. “It is a dream to be here. Often I turn off the music to listen to the waves. »

If Roberta Tiziana appreciates the setting, she is above all there to work “And business is going well! » With her sing-song Italian accent, she clarifies that the clientele is at a high level “and that there is real potential here, also in winter”.

Match the season

After proposing decoration for the house in the colors of summer, it adapted its products at the end of the year. “Christmas products and bed linen with a winter theme. » Her new collection for January is already ready. “We had to anticipate all this, especially since the suppliers are closed at the end of the year. » In order to remain attractive, it will have to change its collection at least four times in total this winter. A real job.

Also at the Palais du Maillot we had to adapt to the season. A first for this historic store. The sellers with their managers have completely redesigned their departments and their wellness tea room to harmonize with winter. “From swimwear and beach chairs, we moved on to smart and sporty winter shoes and sweaters. We had to rack our brains! From fresh fruit juice, we have moved on to homemade soups and cakes. »

If Karelle and Luca, sellers at the Palais du Maillot, appreciate the initiative to also open in winter, they nevertheless regret the lack of communication surrounding this news. A speech also given by restaurateurs.

At Neptune, Cindy and Cécile say they are delighted with this ongoing opening of stores at Larvotto. “ For tourists and locals alike, it energizes the neighborhood so much. It is also an excellent initiative for us, which is also open all year round. With that, an extra flow appears. » That restaurateurs are supposed to recover. But not enough for the taste of the restaurateur along with others. “Because nobody really knows that the shops are open, it’s a shame! »


“Dispelling the idea that Larvotto is not open, that summer is not an easy task, notes Roberta Titiana. It is an ingrained habit that will take time to change. Communication around this news is therefore essential. »

“It is written and nowhere that the shops are also open in winter,” continues Félicia, co-head of the beauty institute. If my institute is working on the fire of God, it is still a shame that we do not benefit from an animation like this summer to attract more people. ” Referring to the exhibitions on the upper promenade during the summer of Geluck cats or photos for the preservation of the environment by the Prince Albert II Foundation. “Above all, there is no lighting for the walk. »

At 5 p.m., the promenade is virtually plunged into darkness. “And she completely empties, many traders regret. We need light in winter. » A track no doubt to work for the government.

Areas for improvement suggested by merchants

“This winter, from 5 p.m., we are plunged into darkness and we no longer see anyone. It is a bit unfortunate considering the investment that this opening seven days a week requires of us. Shop owners agree that the lower promenade should be lit in winter.

Christmas decorations “Christmas decorations along the promenade would have been welcome. They would have been appreciated by our customers at night, but also by those who go to restaurants for dinner. From their table they could have enjoyed lovely outdoor settings. »

Vary the shops. “Perhaps we should add a store or two, in a field other than clothes and home furnishings. Why not a store dedicated to children’s products, such as toys and board games, and another dedicated to baby clothes and everything related to motherhood. »

Animations. As in summer with the exhibitions, the merchants propose activities around Christmas with proposals for workshops for children at the top of the promenade or strolling shows. Photo exhibitions were also mentioned.

Advertising. About city and government information and communication networks and channels. But also on signs that should indicate at the top of the promenade that the shops are open at the bottom. “Why not advertise in the cinema about the opening of shops in winter or even announce this initiative at the Grimaldi Forum”also evoked a restaurateur.


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