Taster launches his new blockbuster Pasta Dreams together with chef Jamie Oliver

After scoring points last year by launching Peppe Chicken with YouTuber Charles Gilles-Compagnon of FastGoodCuisine, Anton Soulier is doing it again, this time with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. A 6th brand in its portfolio, which will be tested and delivered from October 13th from an ephemeral Parisian pop-up, also open to the public in click & collect, at 14 rue Descombes. The new brand, which relies on pasta and a healthy diet advocated by this gourmet chef, will then be available throughout France.

With sales multiplied by 3 since last year, he entrusts snacking.fr, Anton Soulier, founder and CEO of Taster, his startup continues to grow strongly with independent restaurateurs and more and more multi-franchisees, to whom he offers his expertise and his brands to drive delivery via the platforms. Until then, these professionals could add to their activity, Mission Saigon, Out Fry, A. Burger, Peppe Chicken and since JuneSaucy Buns.

From kitchens respectively Vietnamese, vegan burger, Nashville fried chicken and smasted burger. Now they also want to have at their disposal Pasta dreams, a creative menu imagined by chef Jamie Oliver, inspired by the best pasta recipes from Italian gastronomy, customized delivery. Among the suggested references: maniche mezze, traditional spaghetti alla chitarra but also casarecce gnocchi, a Sicilian specialty or even ravioli. And because with this chef we are talking about eating well, quality and sourcing, all supplier partners will have to respect strict specifications, regarding sustainability and animal welfare.

“With Pasta Dreams we are redefining the image and experience offered via delivery”, Anton Soulier.

A kitchen open to the street

If Taster from now on offers its know-how as a franchise, as an often additional activity, but focused on delivery, this first test antenna will be administered live from a pop-up opening at 14, rue Descombes, in the 17e district in Paris. This place that has nothing “dark” will be open to the publicwho can order and collect in click & collect, or even order on the spot via interactive terminals and collect your order via a QR code. Pasta Dreams should expand quickly, especially to Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes, Marseille, Strasbourg and Montpellier and announces that it has the ambition to become the first brand of pasta designed for delivery. Creative and innovative dishes should be added to the offer at the moment. Jamie Oliver and Taster are actually going to do this,” Dreamers », a platform for young chefs who will be able to demonstrate their talent. And for every sale made on this now right, 1 euro will be donated to the association The chef’s table. A competition should be launched in early 2023 to find out who this first guest chef will be…

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