Telex: Starlink develops Starshield for governments, Iliad borrows €750 million, Apple expands its self-repair service in Europe

– Starlink develops Starshield for governments. The satellite connectivity specialist presented its offer to states. Named Starshield, it will include Starlink connectivity with additional elements such as specific end-to-end encryption for classified data. On the offer’s webpage, it says that Starshield can support detection capabilities, that is, spy satellites. If the offering is tailored to meet the requirements of the US Department of Defense, Starlink aims to offer Starshield to other nations.

– Iliad borrows €750 million. Free’s parent company announced the issuance of a 750 million euro loan on the bond market. This operation was a success with investors with demand approaching €2bn. The term of the loan is 4.5 years until 14 June 2027 with an annual coupon of 5.375%. The company specifies that this loan is granted “to refinance part of its existing debt by strengthening its financial structure and extending the average maturity of its debt”.

– Apple expands its self-repair service in Europe. It is now possible to order spare parts from Apple to repair an iPhone or MacBook yourself. Launched in April in the US, this service is taking its first steps in Europe and more precisely in 8 countries: UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Sweden. On the French site, the service is called “Internal Service Repair” and Apple clearly states that it is “intended for people with the knowledge and experience required to repair electronic devices”. The company offers documentation and kits to guide repair enthusiasts step by step.

The French site for Apple’s self-repair service offers a catalog of spare parts. (Photo credit: Apple)

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