Tesla will bring us Apple Music and new games in the next update

According to a tweet published by Teslascope, Tesla plans to offer Apple Music in the cabin of its vehicles in the near future. This new feature may appear in the next update.

The dashboard of a Tesla Model 3 / Credit: 123RF

The arrival of Apple Music is very good news for subscribers to the Apple brand’s music streaming service. The functionality would also fill a glaring lack. Actually, if it is already possible to listen to Spotify and Tidal built into the American manufacturer’s cars, the absence of major players like Apple Music and Amazon Prime is suspicious, to say the least.

We announced it last month that Apple Music and other streaming services should be landing in Elon Musk’s cars very soon. Until a few days ago, the company’s CEO’s feelings toward Apple were negative, to say the least, for reasons unrelated to Tesla. Elon Musk, also chairman and CEO of Twitter, on the one hand criticized the Apple company for cutting its advertising spending on its social network and on the other hand for imposing an unfair tax on transactions made on the iOS version of Twitter.

Apple Music, Amazon Music, Steam: The next update will bring lots of entertainment to Teslas

All that was needed was a meeting and a trip to Æbleparken the atmosphere is heating up between Elon Musk and Tim Cook. Teslascope is a company that offers a management tool for the brand’s electric cars. It has therefore prioritized access to Tesla updates. So we have every reason to believe her when she says it on Twitter the next update will be full of new features.

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In addition to the arrival of Apple Music, the tweet mentions the availability of new games. No title is cited, but you can see that in the comments Steam could land on Tesla’s screens. Thanks to this integration, owners of beautiful American electric cars will be able to enjoy their game library in the cabin of their vehicle.

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