The country of Alencon. After the Covid crisis, the pizza maker replaced its truck with a laboratory and is dependent on distributors

Cédric Jamoteau built his laboratory two years ago. Here with his employee and his son. ©L’Orne Hebdo

Its fourth distributor is just operational, at Saint-Denis-sur-Sarthon, close toAlencon (Boar).

The Pizzaiolo Society Cedric Jamoteau grows in Orne and Mayenne.

A brand new laboratory

His entire route was mapped out, driving his restaurant truck, his food truck. But Covid got in his way. The health crisis has imposed its rules and Cedric Jamoteau, professional pizza maker based near the city Pre-en-Pail-Saint-Samson (Mayenne)at Saint-Julien-des-Eglantiersfaced an unexpected reality: the impossibility of reaching its customers.

Instead of letting himself down, he chose to return.

No more truck, hello brand new lab. And to reach customers, nothing better than distributors.

Driven away

A fourth machine has been installed in the city Saint-Denis-sur-Sarthon. On the side of RN 12, on a rest area, the place is strategic and caught the craftsman’s eye.

It is easy to get to, there are many passages and no pizzerias in the area. This is the place that motivated me to invest in a fourth pizza distributor. This can contain 96 pizzas and offers 15 different varieties.

Cedrix Jamoteau

A pasta…

A pasta…
This is the trademark of every pizzaiolo, his personal touch: the dough. “Mine is thin in the middle and raised around the edges. »
He regularly goes to the pizza fair in Paris. “Our job is changing and we always have to question ourselves, especially when working with dough, to constantly improve the process. »

Interrupted activity

He is very proud of the course achieved. Glad to have been able to overcome Covid which quite simply almost shut down his small business.

From one day to the next, no longer the right to circulate. Then people were no longer allowed to go out at night, which is where I had my best sales. Inevitably, we question ourselves.

Cedric Jamoteau

Confined to his home, he also rediscovers the happiness of being at home with his children, dinner and evening. An idea forces itself: don’t take the wheel again. But there is no question of giving up this job, which he has in his skin.

“My parents ran a pizzeria in Domfront, I grew up between the kitchen and the dining room. They had four children and only one is not a pizza maker! »

Reconciling privacy and privacy

But his route initially took him to casinos “where I fixed the machines”. But when he was offered to become the head of a company, he questioned his career choice.

The idea of ​​setting up on his own appealed to him and for 20 years, first near Bagnoles-de-l’Orne and then in the Pré-en-Pail sector, he offered his pizzas aboard his food truck.

In 2020, its activity therefore came to a standstill.

I said to myself, why not make my laboratory at home, near my house. It was not planned, but we had to react.

Cedric Jamoteau

A top-of-the-range wood-fired oven has been installed in this new building. The investments in new equipment are significant, but Cédric Jamoteau is confident. He was right. Not far from the Multonne Forest, in the heart of Avaloirs, he has managed to reconcile personal and professional lives. And even created a job! Today, Julien Passays helps him full-time.

Because pizzas are needed to supply the distributors installed in Pré-en-Pail, Javron, Villaines-la-Juhel. And recently in Saint-Denis.

“No frozen dough”

The craftsman insists: Behind the distributor there is know-how and products that are largely local. “No frozen dough at my house! »

In his laboratory, the flour comes from Moulins Rioux, a company in Neuilly-le-Vendin. He also uses Tomme de Pail. “The oven can take 15 pizzas at the same time, it’s a real Italian oven. »

Each piece of dough rested for 24 hours in a cold room before being turned into a pizza. “The burger remains a great classic, as well as tartiflette and kebab. »

Each is pre-boiled to 70 or even 80% before being placed in the dispenser.

The customer can either choose to finish cooking, it takes about three minutes, or remove it cold, in 30 seconds, to finish cooking at home.

Cedric Jamoteau

In the machine, the pizza finishes its cooking on a refractory stone, “an asset for the quality of the dough”.

The new machine installed in Saint-Denis-sur-Sarthon. ©L’Orne Hebdo

“Eat anytime”

Cédric Jamoteau has therefore certainly hung up the keys to his truck. And bet on these distributors available 24 hours a day, delivered every day.

The first one, the one from Pré-en-Pail, was installed around 2010 and then replaced by a more modern machine in 2020. He then installed the one from Javron in 2021 and then took over from Villaines this year. “It works very well, we are aware that people want freedom, to be able to eat at any time. ”

The pizza machine remotely monitors the progress of the inventory of each machine, in order to replenish. As for the customer, he can reserve the product of his choice for the day and time that suits him via a “smart pizza” application. “Let’s remember that France has become the leading pizza-consuming country ahead of the United States,” rejoices the entrepreneur, who has not finished turning the dough around in his laboratory.

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