The denial of pregnancy, a phenomenon not so rare, but surrounded by fantasies

It is often in the hours after becoming aware of the pregnancy that women’s bellies finally emerge. A surprising phenomenon that is also observed among women who are slow to announce the event. 543355906/julia –

DESCRIPTION – Sometimes in the headlines they give rise to many fantasies. Complicating the understanding of the phenomenon and the ability to help families who are confronted with it.

It’s a news story that happens from time to time, which happened recently in Amiens: while eating lunch in the canteen of her high school, a student gave birth to a baby… when no one knew she was pregnant, not even her! The event toured France and fueled many conversations that happen every time a pregnancy denial is made public.

“These stories give rise to many fantasies, because for many people there is nothing more incomprehensible than a woman who does not realize that she is pregnant. However, denial is a defense mechanism that people resort to extensively to protect themselves and face situations that are beyond them.notes Luisa Attali, doctor of psychopathology, associate researcher at the universities of Paris.

We often forget that there is a woman above the womb and that this woman can sometimes be in pain

Sophie Marinopoulos, psychologist and psychoanalyst

Sophie Marinopoulos, psychologist and psychoanalyst, author of numerous books on the subject, including They give birth and are not pregnant (Issues The links that…

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