the French love it and the pizza is the champion in all categories

Home delivery of meals was already growing before the health crisis, but you have to believe that the French have largely retained this reflex.

If a recent study showed that the French went out less and less and spent more and more time on their sofa (the study by the Jean Jaur├Ęs Foundation and Ifop highlighted an “epidemic of laziness”), we understand better than home delivery of meals is a hit as Kantar’s note proves.

An “epidemic of laziness”

The Institute for Research and Advice specifies that an average European uses home delivery of a dish 16 times a year (14 times for France), i.e. once every three weeks. approx.

This year, 58% of the French had a meal delivered to their home, they were 64% in 2021, but if they were 8% to have it delivered once a week or more in 2020, this share rose to 12% in 2021 then 14% in 2022. But what is the average profile of the home delivery consumer? He is 25-34 years old, he is an urban fan of loyalty offers and promotions. More than 30% order directly from restaurants, the rest go through a platform.

25% of orders come from the desire not to “both cook”

25% of the orders come from the desire not to “both cook”, 15% from the desire to stay on the sofa, 12% from a suggestion from a member of the household, 10% from trying something new, 9% from eating dishes that we do not know how to cook and 8% for lack of available ingredients.

5 billion euros in revenue

In 2020, home delivery of meals generated 5 billion euros in revenue. Pizza represents almost 27% of orders, followed by burgers and Japanese specialties.

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