The funniest videos and pictures about the climate in 2022

Is it possible to make humor with the most crucial problem for the future of humanity? Yes, on social networks! Discover our Top 10 of the wildest videos and pictures on the very serious topic of global warming.

Difficult to make humor about the topic of climate change, which, despite the scientific consensus, still divides the public. But some do not hesitate, for better or for worse.

1. The climate skeptic for a normal person

Stop at one firefire red, why? The traffic lights work in cycles, the green light will reappear soon, nothing to panic about, we continue! » But also ” I can’t believe I’m pregnant! You used one condomcondom ? No, the effectiveness is only proven at 97%. » A satirical and brilliant video from Positivr.

The climate skeptic… © Positivr

2. Future weather

The presenter ForecastForecast Évelyne Dhéliat is staged in this absolutely crazy future weather forecast image from space! Earth is no longer truly habitable, with its generalized 50°C, its giant tornadoes, its wars, its meteoritesmeteorites, and the end of the world is near. A TikTok video by lestat_de_lioncourt to watch here.

3. A pleasant climate at the COP27 programme

How was COP27? We laughed a lot. Yes, but about the climate? We had great weather! » A sarcastic picture, drawn by Gobi, of the mixed results of the last COP held in Egypt.

4. A historic commitment to hold … a new meeting

Next to the huge iceberg of climate change, the small ship of the world’s heads of state: ” it’s agreed, we’ve agreed to sign a commitment that will commit us to another meeting to assess a change in trajectory at a date yet to be determined.”.

5. Titanic saved by climate change

Jack and Rose, the film’s heroes titanicno longer need to worry: no iceberg on the horizon, they have all melted.

6. A video to show her grandchildren in the future

On TikTokTikTok, it is customary to film oneself doing anything and everything: like walking in the snow. This internet user decided to make a souvenir video of the snow to show his grandchildren what it looked like. A video of the little thing can be seen here.

7. Winter is NOT coming

Referring to the famous Winter is comingthe name of the first episode of the series Game of ThronesGreenpeace made an offbeat commercial: ” A few more degrees changes the whole story. »

Winter is not coming! © Greenpeace, YouTube

8. Cure the Climate Change Denial Syndrome

In recent years, a new disease has appeared, CCDD etc Climate change denial : that syndromesyndrome climate change denial. It probably affects members of your family, find out how to cure them in this video of Funny or Die.

Cure denial syndrome. © Funny or Die

9. “It’s normal, it’s summer”

This is the meme that circulated all last summer during the heat waves that hit France: the temperature records were numbered in the hundreds, but in the end ” it’s ok, it was tolerable !

10. The ultimate proof of global warming

A picture is worth a thousand words: the global temperature rise could not be better illustrated than with this ‘historical’ evidence.


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