the gourmet trick to cook pasta in the microwave in minutes!

A savory version of the mug cake, the mug pasta is the ideal trick to prepare a gourmet pasta dish in minutes in the microwave. We save time and, in addition, we have less dishes to do! The perfect combination for students or people who don’t have a big kitchen, all you need is a mug and a microwave.

The pasta mug, the express and super simple trick to make a gourmet pasta dish! Credit: Unsplash

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In a few minutes you can make a tasty pasta dish in the microwave! You wonder how that is possible? It couldn’t be easier, we promise. As a bonus, the dishes galore, it’s over! In fact, if before we used a pot to cook the pasta, a colander, a pot for the sauce and a plate, now we only need a simple mug. Just like its sweet variation, the mug cake, the pasta mug trend will capture your taste buds and we feel you will quickly adopt it. Convenient, this process will save you time! Instead, choose small pastas such as shells, mini macaroni or even mini farfalle, then head to the microwave to treat yourself.

The pasta mug, the trick to cooking pasta quickly

How to make a pasta mug? Credit: Pexels

From the most classic (pesto, bolognese, carbonara…) to the most gourmet (salmon, mushrooms, Alfredo…), the pasta is endlessly accessible without ever getting tired of it! There is a recipe for every taste, this specialty straight from Italy is quick and easy to make. Especially since it’s an inexpensive dish to cook most of the time, a boon for students looking for gourmet recipes without breaking the bank. To make you crack even more, a new version of pasta has caught our attention: the pasta mug.

A real revolution, this ultra-simple process will save you time and leave you with fewer dishes in your sink. To embark on your pasta mug adventure, equip yourself with a large mug, pour in a batch of pasta, cover with salted water, and then pop the mug in the microwave for a few minutes. To achieve perfect cooking, we advise you to stir from time to time. As soon as the pasta is softened, add milk and cheese for a mac & cheese version. Return to the heat to melt the cheese and it’s ready!

Other gourmet versions of the pasta mug

You can also treat yourself to tomato sauce, very gourmet pistachio pesto or any other sauce that takes your fancy! The advantage of this quick cooking method is that we can add any spice to flavor our pasta cooked in a few minutes in the microwave. For more originality, dry the lasagna mug! An express version of lasagna in a mug. It will then be necessary to pre-boil the lasagne sheets and then decorate them with ricotta, meat, spinach etc. and arrange them in a cup. We cover everything with tomato sauce and cheese and then a quick trip in the microwave, voila! You have the perfect portions for one person without the mountain of dishes to clean up afterwards.

Discover examples of mug pasta recipes below:

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