The last and next openings of the Pizza Cozy network

The Pizza Cozy network has made many openings in recent months. The brand, which claims artisanal pizzas made from 100% fresh and 90% French ingredients from shortcuts, was recently created in Brive-la-Gaillarde, Chartres, Libourne, Les Sables d’Olonne. Pizza Cozy would also prepare 3 other openings at bridge, Bayonne and Toulon.

Opening in October and November

Pizza Cozy has opened a new point of sale in Brive-la-Gaillarde on October 4 last. This opening was possible thanks to Mark and Sophie Salman. After having a first experience with national education and for a long time attracted to entrepreneurship, they chose catering and pizza to start entrepreneurship together.

that 19 October, a new restaurant has opened in Chartres. This project is led by Kevin Dubosqwho, after 15 years in mass distribution, chose the franchise model to be accompanied in the launch of his project.

The brand also inaugurated a new business in Libourne, the October 26 last. This is controlled by Florence Lereclus and her daughter Lili-Astrid. Lovers of cooking and good products, Florence and Lili-Astrid therefore embark on this family project.

that November 9landed the brand i Sands of Olonnewith its franchisees Florent and Emilie Baconnet. After being part of the network for 2 years, they actually own another pizzeria restaurant in Challans.

The next planned openings

A new point of sale should open its doors Bridgethat 30 November next, under the propulsion of Thibault Prost, 27 years old and originally from Saint-Etienne. Previously, he set up an event company and then became sector and sales manager for an American group.

Pizza Cozy should also be set up, it December 7 next to Bayonnewith Loic Verdier and Dimitri Houpin. After opening their first franchise in Anglet in 2020, they wanted to launch their second outlet.

Another dedication was also to take place that day December 7 also to Toulon. This project is led by Florian Perillon who joined Pizza Cozy 6 years ago in Saint-Priest-en-Jarez (42) as a delivery boy, as part of a student contract.

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