The pasta bill is too salty for Italian taste

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Inflation eats away at the wallets of the biggest consumers pasta in the world. On the peninsula, their price has increased by 14% in a year.

From our correspondent in Rome, Quentin Raverdy

Each Italian consumes an average of more than 23 kilos of pasta per year.

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vsLike the rest of Europe in recent months, Italy has had to deal with a worrying rise in inflation. Since March, the rate has even exceeded 6%: unheard of in it beautiful country for more than thirty years, forcing the authorities to downgrade their growth targets for a year 2022 that should mark the post-pandemic recovery. The increase in prices has found its way to the table of Italians who helplessly see their increase in supermarkets: + 63.5% for oils; + 17.2% for flour; + 15.7% for butter. Even the holy pasta is not spared, showing a jump of 14% compared to last year.

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In a country where each inhabitant on average consumes more…

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