the restaurant focuses on pizzas and fresh pasta

Looking for news? The Monopoli restaurant recently opened on Chaussée de Waterloo in the town of Saint-Gilles. This new Italian restaurant aims to highlight the cuisine of Puglia. It is therefore no coincidence that the name of the restaurant is the same as a town in southern Italy.

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Monopoly is the project of two jack-of-all-trades. Already active in several areas of Brussels, the two partners, both passionate about Italian cuisine, seized a golden opportunity in the neighborhood to realize a fantasy: to open their own restaurant. Monopoli, an ode to traditional Apulian cuisine, was born.

Monopoli is an open kitchen behind a counter as soon as you enter the establishment and a 22-seat room upstairs.

On the menu: pasta and pizza. It could not be more representative of Italian cuisine. It is therefore naturally on these two culinary pillars that Monopoli decided to base its menu.

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The pizzas are made by hand and to the minute by the pizza makers. Monopoli decided to make light and tasty pizzas at the same time. To do this, the restaurant has opted for organic flour, which comes directly from the heel of Italy and is produced especially for the restaurant. Topped with fresh, local ingredients, each pizza is baked in a hybrid oven made in Italy.

On the other hand, the fresh pasta is made directly on the spot in the restaurant. This fresh pasta is the guarantee of impeccable quality. Monopoli returns to the classics of Italian cuisine.

Our test

During our visit we had the opportunity to start the meal with a mixed board of cheese and Italian charcuterie. Then we chose tagliatelle alla carbonara. The classic recipe without cream has been respected. We also enjoyed the Pistacchio e Mortadella pizza made with mozzarella, mortadella, burrata and pistachio. For dessert we chose the traditional tiramisu. A safe bet.

As for drinks, it also breathes Italy with emblematic cocktails such as the Spritz or the Negroni. Not to mention a 100% Italian wine list.

Pistachio and Mortadella.
Pistachio and Mortadella. – AI

If space is limited, Ornella De Caro, interior designer, has managed to offer a beautiful, simple and refined decoration that makes you want to spend time at the table.


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