Recently, the return of “Ple belle la vie” was announced by the media to the delight of fans of the series. Accustomed to following the soap opera for several years, the latter was actually lost when it suddenly stopped recently.

Sudden stop for “More beautiful lives”

For fans of the series “Plus belle la vie” it was difficult to accept his sudden stop. In fact, even today, they oscillate between nostalgia and anger. Most people don’t understand why it was necessary to stop something that was working very well. Until now, all the arguments presented by the production have not convinced anyone.

Fortunately recently the representative of the cooperative of actors and technicians announced his motivation to continue broadcasting the series. Upon hearing this news, fans of Plus belle la vie got chills.

Return of “Beautiful Life” in the daily life of the French

The return of “Plus belle la vie” in the daily life of its fans is therefore confirmed. However, the soap opera will no longer be broadcast via a terrestrial channel or TNT, given France 3’s betrayal. it will only be visible on a platform similar to Netflix and through a downloadable application on various media.

So even though the episodes are sent at the same speed as before, they can be viewed at any time. Furthermore, logically, viewers don’t have to pay a cent to enjoy it.

Changes made to the series

For now, all the actors have already agreed to renew the experience. Regarding the scenario, this time, it is the fans who will determine the future of a character or even the series’ development. However, the actors and the technical team will always have an influence on the various proposals.

This project will start as soon as the rights are obtained, informs the representative of the actor and technician association. In this sense, we still have to wait for at least 6 months. Finally, she concluded by assuring that there is still much to do, but that the whole team is at work.