the week’s menu from 12 to 16 September

No need to worry about looking for meal ideas that are out of the ordinary. In order not to eat the same thing every day, while preparing balanced and quick meals, we have better: rely on our weekly menu.

On the menu this week? A gratin, pasta, zucchini, carrots and a two die for camembert croque… we’re already drooling! Ah, we almost forgot to tell you about our super easy version of tabbouleh. You will see, this recipe is delicious. But what are we waiting for to cook all these great family meals, easy to make and that won’t break the monthly shopping budget?

For Monday evening: One pot pasta with vegetables

There is nothing easier to make than a one pot pasta. You do not know ? This is a cooking method that will revolutionize your daily life in the kitchen. Just put all the ingredients in a saute pan and cook. No need to dirty a thousand utensils and monitor two cooking times at the same time! In our one pot vegetable pasta recipe, we put the pasta, water, stock cube and vegetables in the same dish. Everything will cook while absorbing the broth, all in less than 15 minutes!

For Tuesday night: Zucchini velouté with the laughing cow

Don’t your kids like vegetables? Not a zucchini fan? Hop hop hop, put all your preconceived notions aside and taste, even once, our zucchini velouté with the laughing cow. It’s a soup…

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