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He has always received critics since he is an actor. Kev Adams actually shares a lot and keeps getting tackled by the haters. However, the result is there. His shows are always sold out and his projects are very successful. But success or not, this does not assuage the zeal of his detractors, who take malicious pleasure in criticizing him. The latter also found a golden opportunity to attack him when he announced the release of the film Good year on Netflix with Camille Lellouche.

The singer and comedian, who also suffered many tackles, also did not escape the hatred of internet users who saw red when their collaboration was formalized. Even before the film landed on the streaming platform, the duo was set on fire. Some even claimed that the film would be a monumental flop and that no one would see it… and yet the numbers don’t lie.

Kev Adams and Camille Lellouche critiqued their perfect answer

Indeed, released on Wednesday, December 28, this 59-minute film finally seems to have convinced everyone. Proof of this is Kev Adams’ perfect response to his haters. “Number 2 of movies on @NetflixFR ! Thank you, everybody”, the comedian wrote in the caption of a tweet highlighting the success of his project with Camille Lellouche. In fact, in just two days, their comedy has risen to second place among the most watched movies on Netflix. A simple and clear way to respond to criticism.

But what really irked viewers, besides the duo, was the fact that the comedy was allegedly plagiarized with Garry Marshall’s film. Happy New Year published in 2011. “Otherwise, you can watch Happy New Year, maybe it’s the original version, right?”, “How’s the plagiarism going?”, “This scene already exists with Ashton Kutcher, the brunette from Glee!”, for example, has lamented some. The fact that the project speaks volumes will still have allowed the duo to experience success.

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