they are making a game about “zero debates”, a perfect idea in the run up to Christmas

In Aix-les-Bains, a group of young entrepreneurs has created a board game around “zero debates”. A perfect gift idea around Christmas and family dinners.

The graduation party is fast approaching, and with them: a lack of inspiration when it comes to gift giving. Here’s a find that comes straight from Aix-les-Bains in Savoie: a board game about “null debates”.

Chocolate or pain au chocolat? Fondue or raclette? For or against pantyhose dancing? Mayo or ketchup? For or against pineapple pizza? Better dog or cat? Or do you need to fold or cut your spaghetti? So many “zero-debates” fueling family lunches or evenings with friends.

These useless debates, Anaïs Scira and her team have turned them into a board game: “It brings everyone together around a debate. There is no need to have a clear opinion on the topic. We think it’s fun to debate completely absurd topics.”she explains.

Some cards earn more points than others. The game ends when one of the participants reaches 40 points (or more, depending on the motivation of each). One of the participants plays the role of judge and the other two must come up with good arguments.

For starters, the Savoyard team just printed 2,000 copies of the game. The young entrepreneurs must meet with the region’s bookstores to show off their invention: “People like to debate. We all want to be right somewhere. The advantage is that these are questions that have no weight, everyone can participate.”notes Flora Villanova, manager of a café-bookshop in Aix-les-Bains.

The game is therefore available in some specialty stores and bookstores. But it is also available on the “La Bonne Vague” website.

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